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“Deceptive recipes kept secret by korean cooks :)”

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  • started 4 years ago by windfall
  1. There is a Teriyaki restaurant in town that has been owned by the same Korean family for many years. The hostess, a very kind and polite individual, will share foods that are delicious, but will not tell me what is in it. I should say, she will tell me enough, but not the exacts.

    These are the items I was told are in it, or that I could identify:
    Cabbage Hearts ( She said Napa or Bok Choy, but it is the center core)
    I want to say Vinegar maybe? it was sweet, sour, and had a nice kick.
    Soy Sauce
    Maybe a fish sauce.

    I couldn't get her to tell me exactly what it was called, she just smiled and asked me if I enjoyed it. Of course, it was delicious.

    Was prepared simply by chopping the onion, slicing the jalapeno, and the cabbage heart, was just quartered. I think it might be a salad or a side dish?

    Any ideas?


  2. well.. you can prepare bok choy or choy sam really simple:
    little oil and butter in a pan, put bok choy or choy sam in, onions, oyster sauce, sesame oil. little pepper, salt, this is the basic.
    after that, you can put anything in you would like, but oyster sauce and sesame oil is really essential.

    but what exactly is your question?

    and although i am a carnivour, i find it surprising, that bok choy is really hearty and a great substitute for meat.

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