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“Dessert Cakes???”

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  1. When my daughter's and I lived in Seoul, we use to walk from the market to the house every night. We would always pass this street vendor that sold chicken on a stick and this type of pancake dessert that had like a cinnamon sugar filling. He would fry it in oil on a griddle! They were delicious but I could never figure out what they were called. Do you have any idea? If so can you help us out on how to make them! They would so love it!!


  2. shortie21,
    I always have good memories related to food, too. : )
    I think the street pancake you use to have is hoddeok (호떡) which is made with flour, yeast, water and brown sugar.

  3. Yes, I want this recipe as well. Thanks. One of my favorite desserts. I found a mix at our local Korean store here in Nashville. Hope it brings back the great memories of Korea.

  4. Uh..oh. this is gonna be my ..3rd of 4th post here today. hahha!

    Hoddeuk. Majayo. My family likes it and we somehow found some recipe on the net. Of course, the recipe is in Korean. (hint, hint to the website owner;)

    I still haven't got the exact ratio for the flour, yeast and water yet. But the I played with it for a bit and added green tea powder so we had a green hotteok. Inside, the recipe we found included cinnamon powder, peanuts and sugar. The result was interesting. Nothing that I has commercial value yet, but enough to get the family fight it out til the last round. hahaha!

    (Eating is fun although it takes a bit more time to make.Growing the dough, filling it up and frying.Or am I just slow? lol)

  5. Dear Maangchi
    could you help me to find a recipe for pumpkin cake (suppese is steamed) with black soya beans? I am living in Korea (come from Poland) but none of my Korean friends can't help me because...they don't bake a cakes.
    Could also be any recipe for typical Korean cake but baked or steamed as a layer. I want to make a Polish-Korean cake for Global Gathering, international event.

  6. ylre,

    If you post the link of the recipe in Korean, I will see if my husband can translate it into English.


  7. Hey guys so my older sister actually makes these for special occasions like the Korean Thanksgiving/American Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! What she does is she uses the frozen dinner roll dough (I think its called Rhodes Frozen Dinner Rolls. They come in like an orange bag in the freezer section of the store) She will defrost/let them raise and then put cinnamon and brown sugar in it then pan fry it. Its totally awesome...I try to copy her but I swear its never as good as she can make them. :) Anyways just thought I might throw this out there, try it sometime.

  8. I found lots of recipes for these on google. Here are some of the links.

  9. How aboutlow carb dessert recipe like sugar free chocolate recipe. Or a sugar free cake recipe.

  10. My hoddeok video recipe is on!
    Thank you for your patience!

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