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    I made Gomtang tonight.

    Regular version and a version with spiced meat.


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    You made gomtang! Wonderful! Please leave the recipe here if you want.



    Gomtang Recipe

    First start with oxtails sections and a few soup bones. In this batch I had three pounds of soup bones and eight pounds of ox tail sections.

    Soak the bones for two hours changing the water when it gets bloody.

    Boil the bones for twenty or thirty minutes, drain and wash the bones. Skim any scum and keep adding water.

    Put bones back in pot with a one inch price of ginger and six cloves of garlic boil again for two hours. Remove ox tail sections and let cool. Remove meat from most ox tail sections put bones back in pot. Save a few with meat for serving. Cook another one to three hours. Season the meat with soy sauce, sesame oil, red pepper powder, green onion, garlic and sesame seeds. On saved section trim excess fat and make cuts so that it easier to remove meat.

    Put saved sections in small pot with some of the broth from the main pot. (add more water to the main pot and keep cooking). Cook save sections for about one hour then add a few noodles ( I like the same ones used for Chap Chae).

    Regular version: Put oxtail sections in bowl with a few noodles then add broth. Add green onions and salt to taste.

    Version with spiced meat: Put some of the spices meat with a few noodles then add broth. Salt to taste.



    What’s the secret to getting the soup white? The first time we made it, the colour was fine. Trying again, we’ve struggled to get the soup to go white. It turned out more yellowish.

    Help! (Please) :)



    How did you make it?

    Did you boil the bones for 30 min or so then dump the water and wash the bones? How long did you boil the bones?



    Gori gomtang! Yummo. I make this a few times a year. Oxtails make the best beef stock also. Guess what? Costco has the best oxtails. But they probably don’t have them in all stores since Americans don’t eat these. I’ve never made them with soup bones – just the oxtails. What’s the purpose of this James?



    Isn’t the trick to boil it as long as possible?

    When I lived in Korea, there was this place, Naju Komtang, these old ladies boiled those bones for a day. Come lunchtime, the place was packed with old men, and me.

    Gotta have big, chunky, sour kakdoogi to go with, seems to be the best way.



    Yeah, did the soak and the pre-boil, then the long simmer. It’s a mystery :) I’d love to know the science behind the soup going white.

    Stanford, Naju gomtang’s a different style, isn’t it? At least, it was when I was in Naju. That was a clear soup, and my wife’s searching suggested it might be made from a different part of the animal.



    Pure Hapa, My wife tells me that it is a cleaner tasting soup. I can’t tell the difference and I like having the meat form the tails.

    Stanford, I also boil mine for a long time. I just keep adding water.

    Xflibble, the long slow boiling pulls the calcium out of the bones. The bones are actually lighter and brittle when you are done. They should break very eaisily.



    My ox bone soup recipe is online now. Thank you for your patience! http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/ox-bone-soup

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