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“Doenjang help”

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  • started 8 months ago by jshayhsei
  1. Hello -

    I bought doenjang yesterday at the store, 2 came in a pack. When I got home I noticed they were different. Can someone help me understand the difference between the two?



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  2. Possibly just different brands?

  3. No, they are both the same brand, by Haechandle.

  4. jshayhsei,

    After attempting to translate the writing on the package (I am trying to learn 한국어/Korean language), what I can come up with is that they are both traditional/plain (different words used) style soybean paste (된장/miso) made 한식/Korean-style (using 메주/Meju - a block of fermented soybean and possibly other grains). To me, I can't see much of a difference. The ingredients list appears to be basically the same.


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