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    Hi Maangchi,

    Love your website and cooking videos!

    Could you please post a video or recipe on how to make good donchimi?

    I tried it myself using recipes I found online, but it is either too salty or too tasteless.

    And if you have a good recipe for yakgwa, that would be great too!




    Dongchimi (winter radish water kimchi) recipe is one of my upcoming recipes. Thank you!


    Hi Maangchi,

    thanks, I look forward to it!

    Another question, what kind of salt do you use?

    e.g.: regular kitchen salt, sea salt, low sodium, salt with/without iodine, etc.

    As I find that when I make kimchi (using your super recipe) with regular kitchen salt the cabbage is too salty, but when I use coarse sea salt it is not salty enough (seems to be a recurring problem for me!)



    You do not want to use salt with iodine. Iodine kills all bacteria even the good bacteria that you want.

    My mother in law uses coarse sea salt then when she is done she will taste if it needs more she will some fine salt.


    hi Maangchi,

    I really really want to learn how to make dongchimi from you.

    Are you goign to post the cooking video too? thank you. ^^



    Eventually my dongchimi recipe is online! Thank you for your patience!



    Dongchimi noodle soup recipe is here!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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