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“Dongchimi Question”

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  • started 1 year ago by Dan
  1. I made my first batch of dongchimi and it turned out great! I have one question though -- my radishes all want to float up to the surface of the brine, but the ones in the store all stay submerged in their brine, plus they all seem to have that dongchimi flavor all the way through when you slice them up. Will mine become like this after a few days or weeks in the fridge? Or have a missed a step in the preparation process? Thank you!

  2. I am posting a follow-up. After about a week in the fridge, they are no longer trying to float to the top ... I assume that the brine has permeated them and that is what's keeping them submerged.

    The first few days after the fermentation process was complete, the broth was delicious but the radishes were not as flavorful as the dongchimi that I buy from the store. After a week marinating in the brine, though, they are now flavored almost all the way through.

    I am so proud of this... it tastes even better than the stuff you get from the store, which is surprising to me since I'm not Korean... just know that I like more garlic and ginger so I doubled the amount and that made the difference!!

  3. I have tried this another time and the results are even better this time! Radish water kimchi is so easy to make and delicious. Why spend $7.00 for a pre-made jar when you can buy $2.50 worth of ingredients and make it more to your liking? Patience is rewarded. :)

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