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“Dried Anchovies - Interchangeable?”

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  • started 11 months ago by CynthiaH
  1. I am making Eomukguk and I was wondering if you can substitute the 20 large anchovies with the tiny, silver dried anchovies. The larger ones did not look good at the store. So I bought the tiny ones and put a comparable amount into my cage/steeper.

    Will it have the same flavor? The larger ones just looked hairy or maybe past their prime.

  2. I use smaller anchovies than maangchi does in some of her recipes.
    As long as it is dried anchovies and you use a comparable amount the flavour will be pretty close at least.
    I haven't had any problems.
    I use smaller ones because the local asian market doesn't have the larger ones at the moment.
    I would not try it with these though;
    it is too difficult to estimate the amount needed, plus you won't be able to get the guts out.

    As maangchi explains; you basically have 4 sizes (large, medium, small and tiny)
    I can't get the large ones maangchi uses, so I use medium or small instead.

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