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“Dried Filefish safe to eat during pregnancy?”

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  • started 2 years ago by LisaL
  1. Not sure what it's called in Korean, but it's those big flat fish jerky things you can buy at a Korean market.
    The fish is filefish, but I can't really find much info on it. I've been craving it, but don't want to eat any unless I know it's safe to eat while pregnant.

    If it's not OK... will it remain OK to eat after being frozen for a couple months?

  2. I can only answer one part of your question. No suspect food is OK to eat after being frozen for a couple of months. Whatever bacteria is already there merely goes into dormancy or spore stage during freezing. When thawed out, bacteria "wakes up" and continues to multiply.

    That doesn't tell you much about tilefish, it's just applicable to anything that can harbour bacteria.

    I'd say "If in doubt, go without", but it's hard to withstand cravings when you're pregnant! You might find it easier to think or read about the nutritional properties of tilefish (because that's what your body is actually craving) and finding a similar food that is a little safer.

  3. Vibey, thank you so much for the answer. You are the best!
    Dried filefish is called "jwipo":쥐포 in Korean which is a delicious snack. Roast it before eating.

  4. Oh I was just going to freeze it and then eat it after giving birth heh. I'm due in August so it would be frozen for a couple of months.

    Yeah, think I'm just going to go without until after the little one is born.

    Thanks for the info!

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