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“Dried Radish”

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  • started 6 years ago by iamsentra
  1. Hi, I have had this 'Dried Radish' in a Korean Restaurant, and It tastes very nice. It comes with and looks like Kimchi. The main ingredient is 'Dried Radish' instead of 'Chinese Cabbage'.

    So I decided to give a shot at home. I bought a pack of Dried Radish from the local Korean store. I put a little in the water for some time as instructions written on the package. After squeezing the water out, I add a little soy sauce, salt, green chilly, red chilly power, a little sesame oil, green onions, and mixed it. Basically I added everything I can tell from what I ate in the restaurant. But It tastes different, not even close to what i had. It doesn't taste bad, but not as what I expected.

    Maangchi, Can you please let me know the recipe? Thanks

  2. Hi,iamsentra,
    It's called "moowoo malaengyee" (무우말랭이). I don't use soy sauce for the recipe. You can add some hot pepper paste and mulyeot in it and mixt it together, and it will be delicious I guess. Anyway I'm going to post the recipe later.

  3. Thank you, Manngchi. I'm waiting for your post.

  4. wow, this recipe request was made 4 years ago! Thank you for your patience! I posted the recipe eventually. Mumalaengimuchim:

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