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“Duk Bae Gi Bulgogi”

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  • started 5 years ago by arschaaf
  1. My boyfriend and I recently visited Korea and he's been asking me to learn how to make this dish for ages. I can't seem to find it on your site! I love the video recipes here and haven't found a Korean recipe site as good as this one! Thank you!


  3. Yes please a recipe for this! It is one of my favorite Korean dishes and I can only rarely find it at restaurants. It was even difficult to find in Seoul. Thanks!!

  4. It sounds like it's bulgogi cooked in a stone pot or a stew version of it. I have eaten Bulgogi in a stone pot with beef broth and lots of vegetables in a Restaurant in Minnesota.

  5. Bump!

    Maangchi, I'm still dying to know this recipe!

  6. Hello! I came across some of your Recipes on YouTube and they all look delicious; I haven't been able to find a Dduk Bae Gi Bulgogi recipe recipe online that is similar to the Dduk Bae Gi Bulgogi I had in Korea this past spring. If you could post a recipe it would be very kind of you ^^

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