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  1. Living in Korea for 3 years, I used to go to a lot of korean home food restaurants and I would have this dish often when I was living there, DwenJung Jjigae. Now, living back in Australia I have tried to make this dish. But I can't seem to make it like it was back in Korea. I know having the "little fish"(melchi?) powder makes a big difference but it is still not the same when I make it. *Pretty Please* show me how to make this dish, as it is coming on winter now in Australia and this would be the perfect thing to end a night.
    And BTW, I have been looking for about a year now for the Tangsilyuk and this was the only place to find it!
    Thank you so much Maangchi xx

  2. A recipe has been posted for this in the past. Check it out!

  3. and that little fish powder... you can throw away. use the real thing.

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