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“Filling ideas for rice cakes- lets be creative!”

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  • started 3 years ago by amythecarr
  1. So, I want to make some new and different rice cakes (Gyungdan). I live in Korea so I get the standard ones a lot... I want to add an international touch to them.

    I've tried:
    a peanut butter+powdered sugar mix (to make it less sticky) rolled in blended peanuts

    a chocolate frosting like mixture rolled in coco powder + powdered sugar (but these didn't turn out well, the chocolate was too runny and the coco didn't absorb the water from the cooking process so they stayed sticky)

    I am going to try a creamy cheese filling, but I'm not sure what to put with it... nuts? honey? I was thinking something with a touch of lemon or lemon zest, or what about ginger?

    Anyone else have any other ideas? I've thought about trying savory rice cakes (something spicy?) but I don't think Koreans would like them because rice cakes are supposed to be sweet...

    Thanks for your help!

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