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“First dish to try in a Korean restaurant?”

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  • started 4 years ago by San
  1. Hey,
    I'll go to a korean restaurant for the first time this or next week. What should I eat there. Except for Maangchis rolled egg omelette I haven't eaten korean food so far.

    Thanks for your ideas.


  2. try samgyobsal. i never met a german who didnt like samgyobsal. couple of beers, soju and you have a party. and they can try banchan for themslves... where in germany do you live?

  3. Leipzig, so I'm just around the corner. ;-)

  4. Based on what my non-Korean friends enjoyed whenever I took them to Korean restaurants, I'd say get some mandu or seafood pancake as an appetizer and try the bulgogi or bibimbap if you're not wanting to be too adventurous. My friends found most of the stuff to be too spicy, but really enjoyed the meats and the various banchan.

  5. I agree with unchienne. You can't go wrong with bulgogi or bibimbap. Try kimbap also.

  6. Thank you all for the suggestions.

    I'm just back from the restaurant. I've had bulgogi with kimchi as side dish.

    IT WAS FANTASTIC. I LOVE Bulgogi, kimchi is a bit too hot/spicy for me.

    Anyway even my mother liked bulgogi and she isn't someone who quickly likes something new. So this dinner was a success.

    South Korea watch out, here I come. ;-)

  7. If you are ever in the mood for something spicy, definitely try some Kimchi Jjigae. :)

  8. I'm with FusionKnight, Kimchi jjigae is really great and me..isn't too spicy, just warms your body up just right

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