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“First Korean dinner!”

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  • started 8 months ago by ddnorman
  1. My first attempt at a Korean dinner included Manduguk, Easy Bulgogi and Kimchi Bokkeumbap with kimchi & kkakdugi banchan. I shared the kitchen with my sister-in-law who is a big Indian food fan.

    Maangchi...sorry for the poor doesn't do the food justice. However it was all a big hit. My sister-in-law took half the soup home and my brother-in-law and his girlfriend loved the Bulgogi with lettuce & ssamjang and Kimchi Bokkeumbap!


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  2. I'm so happy to hear that your Korean food party was a big hit! All look good and sound good! Thank you for sharing the photo and your story with us!

    I updated your page with this photo!

    Good luck with your Korean cooking!

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