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“First time using a ddukbaegie and seasoning”

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  • started 9 months ago by Krynauw Otto
  1. I just bought an earthenware pot (ddukbaegie) and I was wondering how to season it before using for the first time?

  2. Krynauw,

    I think you can find an answer to your question here:

    Good luck with your 뚝배기! I was lucky enough that one of my Korean friends was kind enough to give me one so it was already seasoned. It is great to take the boiling hot 김치 찌개 right off the stove top and eat it while it's scorching hot from the 뚝배기!


  3. Dave,
    Thanks for the reply! I cant wait to make soondubu jjigae and doenjang jjigae.

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