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“fixing too spicy kimchi”

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  • started 9 months ago by jennwyo
  1. I made mak kimchi and I was planning to do a half recipe, but somehow was not thinking when I made the sauce and used the full amount of red pepper. I didn't really realize until after I had it in the fridge for a couple weeks. I usually like my kimchi on the sour/tangy side so I hadn't tried it earlier. Is it possible to add more vegetables now or should I count this batch as a loss?

  2. Hi, I know how you feel! I'm sorry to say that you shouldn't add more vegetables because it's already been fermented. If the kimchi was made yesterday, it would have worked.

    But you still can eat it. Don't throw it away. If the kimchi paste is too thick, you can rinse it off as you eat it - don't rinse the whole box. Or, just fish out pieces of cabbage and eat those.

  3. So I rinsed off some of my extra spicy kimchi and put it in a cheese quesadilla. It had soaked up enough spiciness to be really good. I am so glad that I can still use it!

  4. yay! awesome! Kimchi in a cheese quesadilla, umm~

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