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“Food Gallery 32 in New York City”

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  • started 3 years ago by stanford
  1. Has anyone been here yet?

    The guy doesn't exactly give the food a glowing review. Still, I think the concept is interesting, kind of a low-rent Korean version of Eataly.

  2. No Stanford, haven't been here yet. I have been to Eataly though, just went last week. I usually eat at Kum Gang San, but I have been meaning to branch out a little bit. There are so many good places. I want to try Song 7.2 in the East Village. Have you been there?

    ryan :)

  3. Branch, Ryan, branch!

    I haven't been to Song 7.2 but it's not exactly getting rave reviews:

    Chris Hansen at Serious Eats has been doing some great posts on Korean places in Flushing:

    also this:

    Flushing is really the place to go for Korean food.

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