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    I’m going to a family gathering/mourning this Saturday and was wondering if there were any typical types of food that Koreans would serve during periods of mourning? I’m thinking of bringing japchae because the huge gathering of aunts, uncles and cousins really liked it last time I made it. Any other suggestions that would be easy to make for a large crowd, around 20 people.





    no special mourning foods at korean wakes I know of, except if you are going to a really old school family.

    there will be plenty of food anyways, all the ajjumas will make sure of that, just be careful that you dont tread in their territory. if you are an ajjuma yourself… go nuts, if not, its your own risk.

    and in my experience, there will always be heaps of hearty dishes but nothing for the sweet tooth except rice cake or fruits and lets face it: a nice chocolat cake beats rice cake and fruits anytime…


    Oh, I should probably say, I’m adopted into a Caucasian family, so its all Caucasians and my korean adopted sister and me. And it is just planting a tree and spreading the ashes of my uncle who passed away this winter.

    I just wanted to know if there was anything kinda traditional that I could bring.

    Thanks for increasing my knowledge of Korean culture :)



    I make egg and bread roast for early breakfast. i make this things early in the morning.


    Chicago Condos

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I made a chocolate cake that was a happy thing indeed. My friend said it was the next happiest thing he had at the moment after his fuzzy slippers. This is not a typically sentimental guy.

    Now I’m thinking about that bread pudding for the wake on Sat.

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