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  • started 2 years ago by poaibee
  1. hi maangchi, i have a korean friend who is going through a difficult time and i want to cheer her up with a korean dish. since it will be my first time to cook korean dish and im not korean. can u suggest to me an easy but delicious dish that can cheer her up. thank u so much....i love your blog been looking at it since early last yr but just joined now.

  2. Can I suggest making samgyeopsal gui?

    Most of my Korean friends love getting together and eating this, and the communal aspect of cooking it, wrapping it up, and eating it together almost always puts everyone in a good mood. Plus, it is easy to prepare as long as you have the ingredients. If you want to be extravagant, you can have some doenjang jjigae alongside, which goes well and is again easy to prepare.

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