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    Hi, thanks for all of the yummy Korean cooking! As a mom, I’ve recently learned about this awesome time saver called Freezer Cooking. You basically cook for one whole day meals that are freezer friendly like casseroles but you can really do alot of different recipes this way. It allows busy moms to just pull something homemade out of the freezer & have it for dinner quick and easy. You do alot of work on one day but then have it made the rest of the month. :) I wondered if you could create a section for this? Or at least update your most popular recipes with “Freezing tips & cooking advice” type of thing? There are some Korean dishes that would never do well frozen then thawed, like probably kimchi. But cooking a bulk thing of bulgogi and freezing it in family size portions would be a time saver for many. Or cutting up tons of veggies at one time then storing them in ziploc bags for freezing would be a time saver too. There are MANY nights when moms are just too exhausted to remotely think about cooking. It is then that we make very poor decisions and end up just grabbing fast food on the way home. Doing freezer cooking/ planning allows busy moms to feed their families healthy and homemade meals but quickly. Thanks for your consideration!!




    I have put Maangchi’s yukgaejang in the freezer for a month and it came out tasting great! I’m guessing there’s other stew recipes this would probably work well with.





    your best bet is soups and stews, bulgogi is a pretty quick – cooking thing so I’m not really sure why you’d freeze it, unless you mean to freeze sliced meat and have marinade ready so you can pull it out in the morning and let it soak to grill than night. A better bet would be figuring out things that are quick to cook or just require little prep time. perhaps freezing cooked vegetable dishes to use as a part of something like bibimbap? anything cooked until soft should be fine, along with maybe hard things like broccoli or daikon. the tendency among korean food for fresher vegetables makes freezing not always the best choice, but there should be a decent handful of things here you could add to your repertoire.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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