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“Frozen Rice Flour”

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  • started 2 years ago by Rosie Lee
  1. Hi Maangchi

    Thank you for sharing your cooking skill with us on video and I enjoyed very much and have learnt alot of Korean cooking from your video.

    I wanted to try your 5 layer steam rice cake, however I couldnt find it in all Singapore Korean shops. Can we use the normal rice flour? Is there any other flour that needed in the mixture?

    Appreicate your advise please.

    Thank you!

  2. someone said they were able to use regular rice flour - they just added enough water so that the dough held together when squeezed, but easily fell apart when tapped. they also found that freezing the flour for a few days also helped.

    the frozen rice flour used in maangchi's recipe is made from sweet/glutinous rice flour - maybe if you have a good grinder you can grind up sweet/glutinous rice into flour.

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