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  1. You mentioned gae-jang once in your blog~ A spicy salty crab side dish... My grandmother use to make this for me when I was younger~ Could you post the recipe and a video?
    Thank you!!
    Thank you so much for all your recipes and videos Maangchi, I am a second generation Korean and have been away from Korean food for almost 4 years~ and now that I have found you, I have begun to cook and eat Korean food again!
    Now, with your help, I am able share my culture and my childhood through food with my own children! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  2. ajma417,
    sure, gaejang video recipe will be posted someday. Thank you very much. Your words make me happy!

  3. Thank you Maangchi!! For everything~!! So far I have made Kim-Chee, Kim-Chee Pancake, Deok Bok Kie, Spinach Side Dish, Egg Side Dish, and many more~~ :) Thanks to you!! :)
    I look forward to making more Korean food~~!! Thank you again so much!!

  4. Hi, here is my ganjang gejang recipe that I posted just now. Thank you for your patience!

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