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“Gae Jang (-or- Ke Jang)”

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  • started 5 years ago by ko_chin
  1. Hi! Came across this today and I love this site!! My g/f is Korean (I'm Chinese) and I've been trying to learn to make some traditional korean foods for her (cause I cook more often hehe). I know she LOVES that spicy raw crab dish and I noticed you mentioned you might put it up sometime but I wasn't sure if I missed it or something. I'd love to learn how to make that for her.

    In Shanghai they also make something similar but not spicy, primary with salt and rice wine. There are a few variants and I love them all.


    Thank you!!

  2. ko_chin,
    You are right. I mentioned I would post my gaejang recipe on my site. You are interested in hot spicy crab side dish? I am going to think about making 2 versions of gaejang (non-spicy and spicy) someday. I cook everyday, but when it comes to posting a video recipe, it takes lots of time and effort.
    Thank you very much for being patient! : )

  3. That would be wonderful!! =D Thank you!

    Oh and I just wanted to say that I tried your kimchi recipe/video (which was great btw) and it came out wonderfully =)

    My only problem was I didn't buy any radish to use up the leftover paste for. But I'll pick some up soon so I can =)

  4. Here is my "Raw Crabs in Soy Sauce" recipe. Enjoy the recipe!

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