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    Hi, first of all, thank you for all your recipes!

    this is one of my favorite soups! I always get it at the korean restaurant i go to! they make it very spicy =D I can’t seem to find a good recipe anywhere on the internet so i was hoping maybe you have one?




    galbi tang is usually not spicy. I think the restaurant serves some spicy sauce that they make. Sure your request galbitang recipe will be posted someday later. Thank you!



    Alright Maangchi,

    It’s been an entire year since Yichibann requested the recipe for this soup! I’ve tried practically most of your recipes on your website; as recent as yesterday, I actually made kimbop…and my friends seem to enjoy it; as oppose to the raw fish sushi…I made a sauce from soy and vineger with sugar and some scallions…for dippin, as well well as chilli sauce and even wasabi…I’m kinda proud of myself, if I must say so. I’ve always enjoyed trying new things. So I am taking this opportunity to thank you for your recipes. My mom even loves it when I prepare Korean meals.

    Now what about that galbi tang? I’ve found several recipes for it but would like you to do the video, so that we all have a share in preparing it. I understand that it’s traditionally served at weddings…but since I know that ship has already sailed for me (wink*)..I would very much like to see a demonstration of the recipe. Looking forward to it soon…please don’t let another year pass before we can experience this soup. It sounds so delicious, slow simmering to achieve that wonderful deep broth. Oh and BTW do you have to use Daigon radish, Korean radishes are hard to come by here in New Orleans, even ast Asian markets at times. What other vegatables can be used instead of the Korean/Japanese Daigon?




    I know it’s been a year, but you can usually use Diakon (japanese white radish) in lieu of Korean mu. Of course there will be some differences in flavor when used fresh (the Korean variety seems to have a little more turnip-ish flavor/texture to me) but I often interchange the two when cooking them. Hope this helps!



    I’d like to see a galbi tang recipe too. :)



    Have you guys seen this recipe? This guy makes it spicy for some reason, but you could leave out the spice.

    I know it’s not Maangchi, but you could get your galbi tang fix at least ;)



    Oh, yes, maangchi! Please please PLEASE! Galbi tang! Galbi tang! :D



    Hello pretty Maangchi. You are so smart and are such a good teacher; please give us a galbi tang recipe. Your loyal fans thank you!



    Galbitang (beef short ribs soup) recipe is online now! Thank you for your patience!

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