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“Gamasot (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)”

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  • started 4 years ago by Reinier
  1. This place is owned by the chef who previously cooked at the unnamed Korean Restaurant under Idols (Coolsingel).
    This restaurant closed and he opened his own place now.

    His food is very good and the menu is compact but complete, you should try the Bento Box menu and the Bibimbap.
    His wife serves the food and makes the Kimbab.
    The price is very reasonable: Bibimbap € 9,= or a complete menu for around € 11,=
    Seating for about 15 people maximum, but you can also take away.

  2. Reinier

    Thank you very much for the restaurant information. The Coolsingel look so ...i was going to say cool... but how about awesome.

    Sorry about the world cup.

    I am American we don't care about soccer. Only Football & Cheerleaders

    Please Just Joking

    David NJ


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  3. Gamasot is awesome! Great to get away from the eternal BBQ and the 'All you can eat' formula. The owner and his wife are soo sweet and great cooks too! I wish i lived in Rotterdam, so i could go there more often!

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