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  • started 5 years ago by gamjatang
  1. Please post video and recipe for Gamjatang (from Ka Chi)! The pork bone soup from Ka Chi is the best. Do you know how to make it taste the same? Please Please Please POST! The one from is not the same.

    Also I found these two recipes, but they are also not the same taste. One of them is in Korean and I cannot read it.

    I have been looking for years for this recipe.

    Thank you!

  2. Anyone know how to make this?

  3. sorry about late reply,
    yes, I know how to make gamjatang,
    It's one of requested Korean dishes by others, too.
    I am going to post the recipe someday in the future,
    thank you very much for your patience,

  4. gamjatang recipe is posted!

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