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“GLUTEN FREE Doenjang”

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  • started 2 years ago by sinys427
  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am desperately looking for gluten free doenjang so I can make jigae. Does anyone know of a manufacturer?

  2. Hi, sinsys427. We use a brand imported from Korea called Macguroom. Their website is Unfortunately, there is no English on the label, so I've uploaded some photos of the jar, as well as the label showing the gluten-free ingredients. In Toronto, it's imported by Fine World Canada Inc., but I don't know who imports it to the U.S. The also make a nice gluten-free kochujang as well as doenjang. Though pricier than the other brands, it's well worth the cost if you are sensitive to gluten, as we are. I hope this helps... good luck!


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  3. In addition to the above post, a lot of the bigger Korean markets now sell doenjang made without wheat from most big Korean food manufacturers. They are usually labeled as 콩된장 (kong doenjang) or 집된장 (jip doenjang), to emphasize that they are made with soybeans or the kind of doenjang that is traditionally made at home. However, these labels dont guarantee that its gluten free. Look for those words on the front, and double check the back ingredients list to make sure theres no wheat products in it.

  4. Thank you soooo much. I have had no luck at our local HMart but found a product online that is supposed to be 콩된장 (kong doenjang).

    On their website it does not list gluten in their ingredients but I have heard that Korean labels are not complete so I can't trust them. I also found another website which is supposed to sell both products but they don't offer it in the English translated page and I can't read Korean. If anyone can translate, I would greatly appreciate the help!

    Thanks again!

  5. To Beehive, are you gluten sensitive or intolerant? Meaning can you tell when you had some gluten. I am happy to trust your recommendations is you are gluten free in your household. I am gluten free but don't react as much as my sister in law who has Multiple Sclerosis and get shooting pain when she eats gluten! We have to be very careful as a result. Thank you!!!

  6. Hi, again. We are gluten sensitive, but not intolerant. You are right to be cautious, as I know some with full-blown celiac disease have severe adverse reactions to gluten. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that the products we use are totally free of gluten or free from cross contamination, though I know that it doesn't bother us the way other brands do. Traditionally made soy sauces, soybean pastes and red pepper pastes are gluten free, and it's unfortunate that modern manufacturing has led to the addition of non-traditional wheat ingredients into these historically gluten free foods. Good luck with your search.

  7. I know this is an old thread but I just thought I'd chime in for anyone who may be interested. I looked on the Macguroom site and although the ingredients listed on the label in English in the above picture of gochujang are just red pepper powder, salt, and water, the site lists two additional ingredients: 메주가루 (fermented soybean powder) and 엿기름 (barley malt). The doenjang, on the other hand, doesn't appear to have any problematic ingredients. Another doenjang that seems to have a promising ingredient list is the Sempio Premium Soybean Paste. And this one is a much more reasonable price! Link here: Be careful, however, because the other doenjang made by this brand includes wheat flour as a filler/thickener. And as my searches have shown me, don't always trust the English ingredient lists because they are not always 100% congruent with the Korean.

    Getting back to gochujang, there are some gluten free recipes online. If you just do a quick search you will find them easily. It basically involves miso, gochugaru, sugar, water, and a bit of rice vinegar/alcohol cooked together briefly on the stove. I've made it before and it's a really good approximation of gochujang.

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