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  1. Maangchi:
    Being retired Army I’ve traveled to many distant lands. Although I’ve never been to Korea Korean food is among my favorites. I relish the pickled vegetables but I must admit Bulgoki is one of the tastiest meats of the world. I retired to the country near a small town in central Oklahoma. Many have no idea what wonderful cuisines are out there. Until I found you on youtube I’ve been unable to cook authentic Korean dishes. I’ve tried several with great success thanks to you. Now I hope to take it a step further. I also am a beef jerky nut. I’ve searched the www for Korean flavored jerky and found reference to “Go-ggi” Korean Beef Jerky but no recipe. Do you know of one or could I simply process the marinade for Bulgoki and use that on flank steak and dehydrate it?
    In His Grace

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