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“Gochujang (hot pepper paste)”

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  • started 3 years ago by JIHAHAHO
  1. hi! i'm from malaysia. i'm really curious about gochujang. If someone here are from malaysia, do you use cili boh instead of gochujang?

    And can we make our own gochujang?

  2. hi, the taste of cili boh and gochujang are definitely different. you can get gochujang either in cold storage or carrefour or giant...not so sure about tesco..and the whole tub can last a very long time...HTH

  3. ohh i see. i thought the tastes are same. how much it cost? does the tub is red colour?

  4. Here is a photo and information:

  5. Yes, you can make your own gochujang. I posted the recipe today:

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