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“Gochujang questions?”

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  1. I made gochujang about a month ago and today there was mold on top. I talked to my local Korean grocery store ladies and they said to stir a little more salt into the gochujang and put a layer of salt on top, scraping it away when you need to take some out. I went ahead and did this, so I hope that helps. It looks great and tastes good too. Any other pointers to keep it fresh and safe to eat? I have it stored in a big onggi jar right now.

  2. oh you made gochujang (hot pepper paste)! Congratulations! yes, you got some good advice from the ladies. : ) When it has mold on it, scrape it off and use the gochujang underneath. Add more salt and mix altogether. And also open the lid and let it sit in the sunlight during the daytime, and close it at night.
    Or transfer it into an airtight container and keep it in the fridge.

  3. Maangchi, thanks so much for the reply. I feel like I did a bad bad thing: I sirred more salt in my gochujang, after scraping off the mold, but I haven't been putting it in the sun for the past few months. There is hardly any light here in Alaska, and I've been really busy with school. Should I abandon the gochujang and remake it? Or is it salvageable? Please let me know. It smells great, and I know my mother in law kept her's in a closet for years!

  4. I pulled it out right now, it had more mold but only on the edges where there wasn't a layer of salt, and it smells divine. I don't want to give my family food poisoning though! I took the mold off and I will wait for your advice. It's been in the onggi jar for 4 months and only two of those I religiously put in the sun.

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