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“Good indoor grill”

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  • started 1 year ago by unchienne
  1. Anyone have any recommendations for a good indoor (tabletop) electric grill pan? I have the little butane one but really want one that is electric as I don't have good ventilation in my home (I blame my lovely Korean mother who has stuffed our small abode with every stick of Korean furniture she could find until there aren't any windows visible). I tried the Zojirushi one but resold it as the slots weren't big enough and the meat tended to stew instead of grill. I've ordered an LG one that looks sort of like the Yakitori type used in Japanese restaurants, but I haven't gotten it in yet and am still looking around should that one not work out either.

  2. I am looking to build or get my mother one for her birthday. I don't know where to start to find the right one or how to make a table. I just read your post and was curious how the grill your purchased worked? do you know of anyone who has plans to make a traditional Korean grilling table?

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