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“Granny Choe's Kimchi”

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  • started 5 years ago by mangosorbet
    Has anyone tried theirs? Sometimes I'm lazy to go to a restaurant and buy some kimchi. It sounds really good and I'm thinking about ordering a jar when I have money. The last time and first time I bought kimchi in a jar, it was really sour!

  2. mangosorbet,
    I hope you make your own homemade kimchi instead of ordering it!

  3. Randy Stewart just posted a glowing review of Granny Choe's kimchi on (right next to the link to, actually)

  4. Thanks so much Ryan! bookmarking your site too :)

  5. I don't know but post back with a review if you do decide to buy. I've tried the stuff in the mass market grocery stores (usually located in the produce/vegan section) and they've been god awful. The one jar I purchased, I promptly threw away within five minutes of opening. It didn't even taste like kimchee.

    Ironically enough, my father (all 5'5 white Irish feet of him) is a fantastic kimchee maker. I don't know how he does it, but it comes out almost effervescant...with a slight tingly, carbonated kick that reminds me of pop rocks. Not too sour, not too soft...just right. However, he doesn't make it anymore, and I live farther from him than I do the nearest Asian grocer. Bummer.

  6. Thanks, I will! I'm just waiting to get some money so I can order a jar right away :)

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