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“Greetings form Spain!!”

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  • started 4 years ago by misogi0
  1. Hi,

    I am from Madrid, where there are just a few korean restaurants, so I decided to try by myself cooking some of my favourite dishes at home. Without your assistance and youtube videos this is now possible...thank you very much. Today I have prepared Spinach Korean Side Dish (sigeumchi namool, and the results can be seen in the pic. Next I want to try Kimchi and Chab che bap....Yummieee!!!


    1. IMG_4431.JPG (1061.8 KB, 528 downloads) 4 years old
  2. That looks great! Good luck making kimchi!

  3. This is muy second attemp making kimchi. Looks nice!


    1. IMG_4441.JPG (784.1 KB, 461 downloads) 4 years old
  4. Dubu buchim yangnyumjang...very tasty!!


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  5. Hi,there! Welcome!
    wow, your kimchi, tofu, and spinach look great!
    If you want, please email me the photos, then I will post them here

  6. Now! This is the ultimate Kimchi...I finally managed to get all the ingredients and ginger makes really a big difference!


    1. IMG_4462.JPG (981.1 KB, 454 downloads) 4 years old
  7. Wow, great job on those recipes! The shigeumchi namul is so much better than restaurant or store-bought. HOw did you get interested in Korean food?


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