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    Hello Everyone!

    What an exciting and informative site this is! I’m learning so much from Maangchi-noona and from the knowledgable and super nice users like you all!

    I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and while I’m not Korean by heritage, I’ve fallen in love with Korean cooking and Korean music (K-pop!).

    A good friend of mine introduced me to Korean food a few years ago… back then, I never even considered eating Korean because I never liked spicy food. But I went, and I had my first bibimbap with gochujang… I downed the gochujang like ketchup and ended up finishing half the bottle!

    That was three years ago… now, I eat spicy food with gusto (all thanks to Korean food grooming me), and I’m starting to make my own Korean food! I hope to master making kimbap, seafood pancake, and garlic potatoes one day, but for now, I’ll stick with the tried and true!

    Until next time!


    PS. If anyone wants to talk about K-pop with me, hit me up! I LOOOOVVEEE K-pop!!!! (Favourite groups and singers, you ask? Big Bang, 2NE1, DBSK/TVXQ, Son Dambi, T-Ara, f(x), BoA, Davichi… it goes on and on!) I always put on my K-pop list when I’m making Korean food… it just gets me that much more hungry!



    Hi there Jason!!!!

    I`m Schedy Z from Mexico although my username goes by Myeongwol. Like you i don´t have Korean heritage however i´m fond of Korea´s culture, history and food!!!

    It´s great to have Maagnchi with us, thanks to her i´m able to learn about Korea´s delicious meals. I´ve been visiting this site for a few weeks and everytime i visit i find lots of interesting recepies to try. Sadly, i can not make as much as i want it to do because of the ingredients, so i try to improve a little bit.

    I´m also a k-drama fan!!!! About k`-pop…i´m still in diapers (i only know by the OST of the k-dramas i´ve watched…my favorite is Mickey Yoo Chun). I´m glad to meet you.

    Schedy Z (MyeongWol)



    Well I do not love K-pop, but I am from Edmonton too, and I also enjoy Korean food!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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