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“Greetings from Japan's BIggest Koreatown!”

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  • started 4 years ago by Kashipan
  1. Hello all!

    I live in Osaka, Japan, on the city's southeastern side where Japan's largest Koreatown is located! I have access to Japanese fresh ingredients which can be very similar to Korean ones, but also a bunch of Korean products (products from Korea as opposed to Japanese versions of Korean things - though both are available! ;) ) since Tsuruhashi is so close by. :)

    I love Maangchi's BiBimBap - it's my favorite so far and we make it once a month at least! Looooove this site and I always recommend it! :)

  2. Welcome to :D It's great that you have access to alot of Korean ingredients. Many people on this site don't, but are desperate to cook Korean food. Happy cooking Kashipan!!

  3. If I get to Osaka I will have to try the Yakiniku!

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