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    There is a special korean shop called Kazaguruma near the big market square. There you can find specialities like kosari, bulgogi marinade, peper flakes and cooking utensils. For the more common things like so du boo (silk tofu) and buchu (gow choy) you can find in most chinese supermarkets. Good luck!



    Dear reinier,

    perhaps you already know but the Korean disributer is also in Rotterdam, very closeby Rotterdam Airport. Lots cheaper and more products. It;s called Korean trade. Vareseweg 1 opened every day but Sunday from 10.00 till 16.00 hrs. enjoy ofcourse. Susanne



    Hi Susannevh,

    Thanx for the tip, i didn’t know about that location.

    I see this is InterBurgo, i saw their stickers on many products :)

    Can regular consumers buy at their place?

    Or do you need have your own store or a member card or someting?

    Thanks je wel.




    Hi reinier,

    As a regular customer you can buy your korean food. No member cards or chamber of Commerce licensens needed. The friendly lady behind the desk is very helpfull with explaining the use of products and spreaks English. A lot of fresh kimchi’s and other fresh products are every day available. Sometimes they have fresh fruits and beansprouts. A lot of frozen meat, fish, icecream and a lot of ready made food. check out and have fun, I do ! ;o)



    susannevh and Reinier,

    I’m so happy to read both your messages that I almost cry!

    : )This is exactly what I was hoping for from this forum. Helping and sharing good information with each other and encouraging each other is why I made this forum to begin with.



    Hi susannevh,

    I went to the ‘store’ today, i was in front of the store and thought…. this isn’t right i only see a warehouse and some loading docks for trucks…..

    But i stept inside and there was a shop to somewhat my surprise! I felt like a kid in a playground :) :) :)

    I finally found a genuine dolsot and some real sundubu tubes, rice cakes and everyhting else i was looking for.

    Thank you so much!

    And yes, the lady was very friendly.

    Yeah maangchi, thank you too for this forum that made this possible!



    woah just by reading that info i want to go there now, >_<

    i can cross over to the Netherlands i don’t live far from the border but its getting to Rotterdam thats far,

    are there any places like that in Belgium.

    I find alot of things in the chinese supermarket or the korean supermarket( that one is realy far for me)



    if you live near the border to germany, there are large korean communities in aachen,cologne and of course dusseldorf. dusseldorf has a huge asian community and the markets are very well stocked.



    Hi all,


    There is a shop in Overijsse on the Brusselsesteenweg next to the Mc Donald’s. I used to go there and they have a nice range of Korean products. Since it’s quite a drive for me (from Brugge) I order online in Germany. or

    Once you’ve paid, the goods arrive in a few days on your doorstep.

    Veel geluk!



    The online store also delivers to Belgium, they are a fast and reliable store.

    Veel succes!



    Bedankt Reinier,

    I saw this site a few months ago and it looks like they have a bigger variety of goods than last time. I will try, because the price looks quite ok.

    Groeten uit Brugge.



    I visited the shop kazaraguma as well, it’s a very good store which has korean and japanese stuff. However, it’s very far for me (more than 150 km) so I would like to ask, are there any korean stores in the vicinity of Terneuzen, the Netherlands or Zelzate, Belgium? (which is right across the border for me). If not I’ll have to buy lots and lots when I get to Rotterdam again, since it’s so far away… I suppose buying online is too expensive (like 7 eur for, for example, hot pepper powder, + eur 5.50 for shipping…), but I could try that too.



    Hi Reinier, I’ve been to that shop, thanks for letting me know it’s still around. Kurt, I’ve got to see that shop in Overiijse. Is it a Korean-Japanese shop? I’ve heard of one from Japanese friends.

    Kumaxx, any info on those Aachen and Köln stores? Do you know their names or locations? I just went to both cities, if only I had known… >_<

    Here in Brussels I get my Korean groceries from Kam Yuen Supermarket in the centre:

    It’s pretty well stocked, although I’ve never found Korean metal chopsticks. Note that ddok (rice cake) has been sold now in the dried diagonally sliced form for over a year now, because the unsliced fresh cakes would spoil by the time they got on the shelves. I mzke ddokbogi once a week by just soaking the rice cakes at least 8 hours, or sometimes 24 if I put off cooking them.



    Oops, double post.

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