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    I used to live and work in Korea and fell in love with the flavour of these yummy leaves. Since then, I have lived in Spain and am now in The Netherlands. I have searched everywhere for these leaves but no-one knows what they are nevermind where I can get them!

    So, I have decided I would like to grow them. Can you please tell me where I could get seeds and how to look after them?

    I live in an apartment with a small terrace so they can be grown inside or out. We get cold winters though (not as cold as Korea though) so I’m not sure where would be best for them.

    Thank you for your help,




    I grew 깬잎 for the fist time this year. I ordered them on line from the Kitazawa Seed Company and received them in the mail. I understand that they like warmer weather and plenty of sun.

    I just cast them on the ground in my garden and made sure they were just covered by the dirt (approx 1/4 inch). I planted them in late June and they sprouted in about 1 to 2 weeks (I should keep better notes).

    I have a few left in my garden as of today and I have brought a few into the house in pots to see if I can keep them going through the winter. I am thinking about installing a grow light because I don't get much sunlight. I saw another of Maangchi's readers used a greenhouse to start the seeds as well.

    Mine got to be a little over a foot tall and about 6 to 8 inches wide so you'd need a pot that would handle a plant of that size. For soil, iwould just use some regular dirt with a little peat moss to loosen it up and a little bit of composted cow manure for fertilizer.
    Good luck!

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    Hi denise,

    I am living in the Netherlands too and keen to know whether you have successfully find the seeds and grow them here because I am too a knniep fanatics. Dis you get the seed from kitazawa then?


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