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  1. HI!!
    I'm Qinant,,I live in Indonesia,,
    And I love korea,,that is why I'm curious about the food..
    especially the noodles and of course kimchi..
    and I found this page,,And I logged in..
    I've never good in cooking but I hope I'll do it right someday..=P
    so, I hope you guys could help me..
    well that's it..thank you,,,

  2. Halo juga.

    Maangchi's recipes are very delicious. Some of them are easy to cook, you should try it to make one. ^^

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  4. hi all.I like this forum very very informative.

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  6. i like to eat Spicy chicken Bulldack, Beef Short Ribs,Seasoned Pork Trotters ,Grilled Pork Strips ,Sweet & Sour Pork.

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