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“Haejang-guk (Sunrise Soup)”

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  • started 3 years ago by Meilani
  1. Hi Maangchi!!
    My husband usually wakes up at dawn for working. And even drives the car with his half sleepy eyes. People believes this soup is eye opener soup, lol.
    Can u show me how to make Haejang-guk (Sunrise Soup)?

  2. Haejangguk is hangover cure soup. Sunrise soup? Where did you hear about it? : ) oh, you thought hae is the sun in Korean so that you guessed it may be sun rise soup? If so, that's so cute! Your husband is an early bird! You know that an early bird gets worm! Eye opener soup? How about strong coffee?

    Check out these soup recipes. They work well as hangover cure, and also all these are delicious. Serve it with rice.


  3. Ouw Maangchi, u r so considerated person.. :)
    I love the way u explain it. It is so funny.... I will try ur soup recipes.
    I never regret logging in ur web, lol

    Thanks, Maangchi!!

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