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“Haejangguk recipe?”

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  • started 1 year ago by GMW
  1. Hello Everyone,

    I just ran across this soup on youtube, its a korean hangover soup called Haejangguk, it looks so good and I have not ever seen this one before, does anyone have a recipe for it? I dont need it for hangovers but I am sure it would be good for other ailments or just to feel good! Korean soups always make me feel so much better............any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you so much!!

  2. Haejangguk means hangover cure soup.
    Check this out. More haejangguk recipes are coming.
    Bugeoguk (Dried pollack and radish soup):
    Kongnamulguk (Soybean sprout soup):

  3. Oh, Thank you so much, the one I saw was made with Pork, I hope you post that one too, I am going to make the soybean sprout soup this weekend. I love your recipes.

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