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“Half Korean in Durango, CO”

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  • started 4 years ago by Yunhwa
  1. 안녕!

    My name is Jonell and I am currently situated in Durango, CO. I have a love/hate relationship with this area... I love the mountains and streams, but I hate the fact I have to travel over 3 hours to get to a Korean/Oriental grocery store... so I have to improvise. Make my own kimchi, order dry foods online, and make lots of bulgogi! My Umma-nee sends me me stuff too! Glad to be a fan of Maangchi-nim!


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  2. What a cute pic of you and your Halmoni! Sorry you don't have Korean groceries nearby. How about any Asian markets? They may have a few Korean items.

    Maangchi's site attracts lots of hapas like you and I - we need our Korean food fix!

  3. WOOO Half-Korean :D
    My mom lives around there... ish
    Your pic is really cute too

  4. That does suck, I live in springs, is that where you have to go to for korean stuff? or go you just go to santa fe?

  5. I usually go to Albuquerque twice a year and stock up my pantry and fridge! I was just there last weekend actually... spent over $200! At least I'm in kimchi heaven now! :)

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