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“Hanmiri Restaurant - Part 2”

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  1. [Read Part 1...]

    Then the pancakes arrived! Seafood pancake (use this recipe but add seafood to taste), green onion pancake, and a chewy brown sweet pancake folded in half and stuffed with sweet red bean paste. The latter was very chewy and sweet and as filling as it was delicious.

    Just when we thought there could be no more food we were served a soybean paste soup with sea snails, a bowl of rice, and a long platter with four side dishes and kimchi - the side dishes were sigeumchi namul, ojingeojeot, a fermented soybean paste and tofu side dish, and a thin green leafed pickle. The soybean soup tasted just like Maangchi's! It was - or appeared to me to be - the bow to the average Korean daily family dinner.

    To finish off we were given persimmon drink (sujeonggwa), two chuseok rice cakes on a bed of pine needles (songpyeon), and two large pieces of melon. It was all incredibly delicious and a true representation of good Korean food.

    We are now preparing to go for a coffee and after that a walk to the local palace for some history! Tonight we have the second part of the tour - a gourmet night dining tour in Insadong run by O'ngo food. That post will be next!


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  2. Really enjoying your photos and descriptions. Ahhh! 2 hours of eating Korean food--so wonderful. So sad that I haven't had any songpyeon this year for Chuseok. Now that I see your photos I'm planning to send my kids out to pick pine needles this coming Saturday and make some. Everything looks delicious. I remember eating bibimbap on a Korean air flight once. Definitely the best airline food I've ever had.

    Keep enjoying yourself and keep the posts coming!

  3. Thanks mokpochica :) It was a really awesome holiday. I have lots more pics and stories to share!

  4. Oh man, these look pretty good! Can't wait to hear about the drinking!

  5. stanford you are in for a treat then - because there was a LOT of that :)

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