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“He'll only eat Korean food, but I can't! Help?”

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  1. I'm American and my friend is Korean.

    I am currently staying at his home visiting Korea. So I thought it would be nice for me to cook something for him since he opened up his home to me. But he has a very closed mind when it comes to food. I tried making a couple recipes from home, but he wouldn't even taste them just because it's not Korean food!! :( He's never experienced another kind of food and I guess he's just not ready to try.
    But lately my stomach has been having trouble with Korean food because it's spicy or has fermented ingredients... I was ok at first but 2 months in I barely want to eat any food at all! I like spicy and flavorful food, but the spicy level in Korea is very different from the spicy level at home.

    Are there some Korean foods I can make at home that are delicious to Koreans but still gentle to my American stomach? Also know I am not a skilled cook so it should be a little easy ㅠㅠ

    I can make dakbaeksuk... but it's too bland for me... so I end up not wanting to eat it, too..

  2. Gucci,

    I think you have a lot of choices. a few that I can think of off the top of my head that you should be able to find on maangchi's site are: bulgogi, kalbi, fried cod or perch fillets, white kimchi, steamed egg side dish, seafood pancake, scallion pancakes, manduguk (dumpling soup), cabbage soup, pork belly, jjajangmyeon, beef and radish soup (non spicy version) and fried chicken. There are many more as well. And I didn't even talk about desserts! ^__^ I think you will have many choices!

    Good luck!

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