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  1. Hello~ My name is Chaeri (cherry) and I'm korean. My korean name is also Chaeri, but I guess you would pronounce it, Chae-Lee.... I recently got married and wanted to learn how to cook some good korean food, since my husband is korean as well. I'm a full time student and work full time, so I don't have much time to cook for Lee,my husband. I feel really bad, so when sunday comes, I want to make him some nice korean food~! :)

  2. Chaerilee,
    Check out some easy recipes such as gyeran jjim or doenjang jjigae. If you like to make some special food, Yukgaejang will be good in this kind of cool weather. Thank you

  3. Welcome Chaeri: Congrats on the marriage! You sound like a busy girl. For a newly married man who doesn't see his wife much during the week, he may have more on his mind than food at the end of the week! LOL

    Maangchi makes wonderful food so she will teach you well.

    - mleess

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