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  1. hi, I'm a korean american living in NJ with husband and two kids. I'm a very busy stay at home mom and am always looking for quick but delicious homemade meals for my family. I am a pretty good cook when it comes to pastas and desserts. Unfortunately my mother never took the time to show me how to make korean dishes, so now that i have kids of my own, i want them growing up eating the kinds of great korean foods my mother made for me and my brother. I get so intimidated by all the many ingredients and hours fo cooking and so when i found your website and saw your video on you tube for the first time, i loved it. you remind me of my aunts, my whole family are great cooks, even the men, i always told my mom she should open up a restaurant here in Princeton, NJ because there really is no good authentic korean restaurant/grocery store around here, unless you go to Fort Lee, NJ. anyway, i've never written to any kind of blog before in my life, i just wanted to say Thank YOU Miss Maangchi for your videos and for showing step by step instructions. i can't wait to make soondubu jigae next week, it's my favorite stew!!! thanks again, ChiSook.

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