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  • started 5 years ago by Hana
  1. hi !
    firstly, i gotta say this,
    I LOVE this site so much.
    it has improved & provides a lot of delicious food ((:
    Thank you so much Maangchi ^^ !

    anyway, Im Raihana From Singapore.
    18 this year (:
    & i love korean Dramas & foods.
    Ive tried to make Kimchi & kimbap
    & fortunately they are edible. hehe.
    here are some of the pics ((:


    1. DSC05066.JPG (43.3 KB, 636 downloads) 5 years old
    2. DSC05075.JPG (43.2 KB, 588 downloads) 5 years old
  2. wow, thank you for sharing your kimbap photo with us!
    Watching the photo makes me feel like eating kimbap now!
    Thank you! Beautiful flowers, too!

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