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“Hello!! A newbie coming!”

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  • started 3 years ago by Mewah
  1. Hello everyone. Im a new family membe at Maangchi. I know Maangchi from Jamie! I followed him from his blog Listverse and FB. I love his posts. I found the photos of his cooking were really mouth-drooling!

    Im from Indonesia, but I currently live in Calgary, AB, Canada. Honestly I never cooked before, never thought I would grow passion from it. Everything used to be prepared by my mom :D. So now I live by myself here I have to start learning how to cook coz Im a student and most of the time Im broke!

    I tried to make Maangchi dumplings sometime ago though it wasnt perfect (I didnt use mandu), it still tasted great! What made your recipe great is that with simple ingredient, the taste can be so rich! Im gonna start my experiment on your other recipes soon ;)


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