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    I’m James, from West Virginia in USA.

    I have a general love of food and cooking, with a particular interest in all things Asian, especially Korean type because it is incredibly spicy. I don’t have access to much of the same ingredients Maangchi uses, the local Wal-Mart doesn’t even stock half of the ingredients sometimes, however I find it easy to improvise with my knowledge of traditional American cooking of what can be substituted and what can’t.

    Kimchi is my absolute favorite dish. The hardest part about it, in my opinion, is waiting for it to ferment just right. I love it sour as much as I do spicy. I make mine using all the colors of bell pepper, lots of garlic, green cabbage (I can’t find Chinese cabbage no matter where I look) onions and red pepper powder mixed with vinegar to make a very sour red pepper sauce (can’t find flakes anywhere.) I also use anchovies as my source of fish sauce. Probably an odd recipe, I know, but again, there isn’t much world culture where I live.

    I am always experimenting in the kitchen. I’ve managed to cook some stuff that no one around here has ever even heard of before. In fact, my mom just tried Kimchi for the first time ever today.. She couldn’t handle it.. I made it too spicy for her. (But I love it)

    About me personally, I’m a computer geek by education but a security guard by profession. I’m the type of person who could go outside, tear down and rebuild a car, but come inside and do the same with a computer. I’m what is locally known as a high tech redneck.

    I’ll finish by giving a big thank you to Maangchi for sharing her amazing food and culture with the entire world. You’ve given me a lot of amazing information, and I’m always waiting for the next video or site update. :D

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