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    I’m a Belgian girl who married an American/Korean.

    Through him I got to know the Korean cuisine, and I love it!

    Of course I wanted to learn how to cook it myself, and that’s how I found your wonderful website. The hardest part is fining the ingredients.

    Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this.






    You can use http://www.asiakauf.com. They ship to belgium and have an english site.



    Hi, here from Belgium too! From Brugge. I lived in Korea in the 90’ies and that’s when I started to love Korean food. We should make a Belgian Maangchi-fanclub; ;-)



    Hi,here’s another Belgium Maangchi-fan!

    So when is our first clubmeeting? ;-)



    Hihi, that’s an idea!

    I’m going to shop for ingredients today, so wish me luck. KY in Brussels has a ‘brand new Korean isle’ but it’s really not much. I think I’m gonna have a look at the one in Overijse. I’ll keep you guys posted ;)The problem with ordering on line is that you have to wait for it, and I usually want to have it right away :))

    Brugge, my sister lives there! I live in Tienen, so Brussels is not too far away, for shopping as well as restaurants. As far as I know we only have Korean restaurants in Brussels and Antwerp. Anyways, I can recommend Arrirang.



    Hi everybody, I just discovered this website by googling for “koreans in Belgium”. I have to say the Belgian maangchi fanclub sounds like a good idea! It’s great to find so many people from Belgium here.

    I’m living in Ghent with my Korean-American fiance. So far we’ve discovered Sun-Wah and the KY market in Brussels but not much else; the online store looks good.

    I learned some Korean while we were living in LA, and I’m hoping to keep it up. Are there any Korean language classes in Flanders? There’s no Korean at the University of Ghent, not even a textbook :(



    Hi Joris,

    A late response, but the Korean Church in Tervuuren (close to Brussels) should teach language classes. Try contact them. And there is this great Korean/Japanese market in Overijse (close to Brussels), the same owners as a market in Amstelveen (close to Amsterdam). There’s also Korean Trade and Distribution Center in Rotterdam, but they are open, at least on Saturdays, the other days I’m not sure. Maybe Reinier can help us.

    So 2010 might be the year of our first fanclubmeeting?

    Anyone interested in shooting dates and places?




    Hi Joris,

    Maybe a bit outdated to post in this topic, but I was wondering if you had any success with a Korean language class/course in the Flanders region?

    The Korean language started to intrigue me and I would like to take a chance at learning it. (The Korean Church in Tervuren is a bit far to travel to)


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