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“Hello.. From Colombia!!”

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  • started 3 years ago by katara
  1. I am from Colombia, Always fascinated me the korean culture..
    and the food .. but Always buy in restaurant (T_T)..

    i want to learn to do korean dishes..i hope that can learn much all of you.

    see you soon..

  2. Katara,

    Welcome to the site. I was in Cali last week. I really like Colombia and plan to go back.

  3. thanks for you welcome, powerplantop.. is really good that you want to come Colombia again.

    Cali is very good place for visit.. for dance salsa and eat colombian food, is a really beautifull city...

    how say the song: Paris city of light, new york capital of the world and Cali brach of the sky..

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